雅思口語話題“bad service”是怎樣的?

雅思口語話題“bad service”是怎樣的?



福彩快3_ Describe a time you received bad service at a restaurant or a shop. You should say: _ _ what goods or services you bought; _ _ who you were with when you were served; _ _ why you went there; _ _ and explain why you think their service was bad. _

# 主題分析

1) 這個問題是一個經驗類別,話題,是這個季節的新話題,卡。

2) 今天更新問題卡是 “服務不好”,條件是服務/消費體驗不好, 你可以在這個問題上抱怨你所經歷的糟糕的服務和經驗 ~

3) 主題分解,第一題,“what goods or services you bought who you were with when you were served; ”,即“ 消費體驗 ”,表示購買了什么商品/購買了什么服務,當時和誰在一起, 一個人還有一個同伴。

福彩快34) 接下來,“why you went there”,即 “消費目的”。去那里消費的主要目的是什么,最初的計劃是什么?

5) 最后一個問題 “and explain why you think their service was bad..” 是 “為什么不好” 是什么原因讓我覺得這個消費體驗很不好,哪里不舒服。

6) 今天 Joy 分享兩個糟糕的服務經驗,一個是酒店衛生,一個是食品安全。


福彩快3(Recorded by Nick, 需要音頻合作伙伴郵票鏈接哦 ~) (Recorded by Nick)

_ Talking about a time I received bad service, I would like to describe my experience in a restaurant. Several months ago, I booked a private room in the restaurant near my university to entertain my tutor. I hoped it would be a nice dinner and the room could be quite so that we could discuss about the topics of my paper and my career plan. However, this restaurant offered slow service and tasteless food. Worse still, I heard a loud noise from the neighboring room. It sounded like some people were arguing over something. Feeling annoyed, the conversation was disrupted and could not go well, so I complained about this to the waiter and the manager. I asked for several times and they promised to coordinate but nothing took effect. In the end, we talked about nothing I expected and had a such terrible night. Hence, I considered it as the worst service I have ever met with. _

# 核心高分表達

福彩快3coordinate vt. 調整; 合并

示例: Many people coordinate their lives so that they have to be together. 為了在一起,很多人調整自己的生活。

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What kinds of service are bad services? 什么服務不好?


這個問題來自與 Service( 服務相關的口語話題卡),難度系數中等。想必在生活中經歷過類似情況的考生一定有話說,比如明明 EMS 的郵件快遞 (雅思成績等) 到了當地的城市, 郵遞員由于各種原因推遲了最多半個月的交貨。例如,老一輩的工行業務員給你做了一筆生意,他們很不耐煩,什么也沒說,他們也犯了一個錯誤。但是,本題要求考生對 bad service 做一個定義,這是一個小難點。你可以根據自己的經驗來定義它,或者引用別人的想法。考生在練習這道題的過程中,需要提醒自己,定義是沒有限制的,千萬不要因為自己想法的限制而限制表達。

福彩快3It 's hard to define, but I generally have a sense that if the service was not in accordance with the standards being promoted, then, then it would be bad. For example, you have booked room of a five-star hotel that promised its customers to keep the highest sanitation as they could. However, this article is from Laokaoya website, you got to know that you were offered a set of glassware that was once cleaned by the toilet brush. That 's definitely a horrible service because you didn 't get the service you were promised.


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Who should be responsible for bad services?

The company 's leaders should be responsible for bad service, which means they have problems managing the company. Due to their negligence, the company failed to put customer 's experience at the top of list for management. Otherwise, they fail to emphasize on the importance of adopting a good service attitude or improving the quality of service to their , which will result in a poor customer service experience.


福彩快3Why do some people choose to remain silent when they receive bad services?

福彩快3The deficient feedback and resolution system leads to people 's silence on bad services. Under certain circumstances, nothing has been done to resolve problems, improve terrible services or simply make apologies after customers reflecting on their experiences of bad services. More serious are the cases where no channel is provided to customers to submit their complaints or safeguard their rights, leaving them no choices but to remain silent.


What kinds of service are bad services?

Poor service usually ignores the actual needs of customers, as a result of which they can 't solve the problems encountered by customers. Besides, some service staff may focus on buck-passing rather than take their responsibilities on customers or provide proper services when customers are in need of them. Moreover, inefficient services are also very annoying, which not only fail to help customers, but also waste them more time and energy.


As a boss, what would you do to prevent bad service?

The boss needs to strengthen the training of employees and establish a service training mechanism. This will help to continuously improve the quality of employees. After understanding the customer 's needs, employees also need to strengthen their familiarity with the service content, so that they can effectively help customers solve their problems.

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